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Air Force Recruiting Service, with headquarters at Randolph Air Force, Texas, is a major component of Air Education and Training Command.


The mission of the Air Force Recruiting Service is to recruit high-quality people for today's Air Force. Emphasis is on recruiting persons with no prior military service --intelligent young men and women who can be trained to handle the sophisticated systems and equipment of today's highly technical aerospace force.

Air Force Recruiting Service also is responsible for recruiting physicians, dentists, nurses, health care administrators and biomedical scientists from civilian sources, and for obtaining officer candidates for the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps and Officer Training School.


The commander of the Air Force Recruiting Service functions in a dual capacity. He is also Air Education and Training Command's director of recruiting programs.

The headquarters directs the recruiting activities of four groups and 29 squadrons with approximately 2,600 active duty personnel. It develops, implements and manages various recruiting programs. The headquarters staff participates in the recruitment and training of top-quality noncommissioned officers for service at some 992 recruiting offices around the country and overseas. The Air Force has recruiting offices in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam. Because large numbers of Americans live overseas, recruiters also are stationed in Germany, Japan and England. Each squadron has a specialized health professions team to recruit health-care professionals within their geographic zones.

Air Force Recruiting Service uses business principles, including sales training and advertising, to market the U.S. Air Force as a challenging opportunity for young Americans. It serves as the executive agent for Air Force recruiting advertising and is a member of the Joint Recruiting Advertising Advisory Council and Joint Market Research Committee.

Recruiting Service cooperates with the Military Entrance Processing Command, Air Force Reserve, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps and Air Education and Training Command's director of technical training to provide the Air Force the manpower it needs.


When the Air Force became a separate department in 1947, the Army and the Air Force conducted a joint recruiting program through the Army's recruiting organization. The Air Force assumed responsibility for its own recruiting in 1954, and assigned the mission to the 3500th U.S. Air Force Recruiting Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. In 1959, it was changed to the U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service. Six years later the headquarters moved to its present location at Randolph AFB, Texas. Recruiting Service rose to numbered Air Force level in 1966 and remained so until 1972, when it was integrated with Air Training Command.

In 1974, Recruiting Service was re-established as an operational headquarters under Air Training Command.

Point of Contact

Headquarters Recruiting Service
Public Affairs Office; 550 D Street, Suite 1; Randolph Air Force Base, Texas 78150-4527
DSN 487-5993 or (210) 656-5993





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