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The Air Force Inspection Agency (AFIA), headquartered at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., is a field operating agency that reports to the Office of the Inspector General of the Air Force.


The Air Force Inspection Agency's mission is to provide Air Force leadership objective and independent assessments of Air Force readiness, discipline and management efficiency and effectiveness. AFIA recommends improvements to existing Air Force processes, practices and programs for fulfilling peacetime, contingency and wartime missions.

Personnel and Resources

There are approximately 150 military and civilian personnel assigned to the Air Force Inspection Agency.


The agency is made up of four inspection directorates and an inspection support staff. The Acquisition Inspection directorate conducts management reviews of Air Force acquisition programs and processes. Acquisition inspectors highlight deficiencies and best practices and make recommendations for acquisition leaders at all levels.

The Field Inspection directorate conducts Quality Air Force Assessments (QAFAs) of Air Force field operating agencies and direct reporting units using Quality Air Force criteria. Field inspectors also observe and augment

QAFAs and operational readiness inspections conducted by the Air Force major commands, and conduct management reviews of operationally-related issues.

The Management Inspection directorate conducts management reviews of a broad range of Air Force programs and policies encompassing most Air Force disciplines. Management inspectors analyze business and management practices and make recommendations to enhance mission performance.

The Medical Inspection directorate performs health services inspections of all active duty, Reserve and Guard medical units worldwide. Medical inspectors assess the medical readiness and quality of health care delivery at these units. In addition, they provide consultative services and review special topics of interest to the Air Force Medical Service.

Products and Services

In addition to reviews, assessments and inspections, AFIA provides other products and services for the Air Force community. AFIA publishes TIG Brief magazine, a worldwide publication which provides crossflow of inspection information and improvement activities for all Air Force leaders and members.

The agency operates the USAF Inspection School which conducts a three-day course for new inspectors worldwide to teach interview techniques and other inspection skills. AFIA provides Unit Self Assessment and Quality Air Force Assessor courses to major command IG teams and units, field operating agencies, direct reporting units and the Kirtland AFB community. AFIA also conducts special reviews and investigations as directed by Air Force leaders.

Commitment to Quality

AFIA's quest is to be "The world class consultant in demand by Air Force leaders -- dedicated to improving the United States Air Force." AFIA is committed to applying Quality Air Force principles in all agency processes and activities to improve daily operations and accomplish agency goals and objectives


AFIA traces its roots to 1927 with the establishment of the Inspection Division under the chief of the Air Corps. The new division performed technical inspections in support of flight safety objectives. By the end of World War II, this function was aligned under the Office of the Air Inspector. In 1948, after the Air Force became a separate department, the Air Force chief of staff designated the Office of the Inspector General to oversee all inspection and safety functions.

In the 1950s, all of these activities were consolidated at Norton AFB, Calif., in the 1002d Inspector General (IG) Group commanded by the deputy inspector general for inspection and safety. On Dec. 31, 1971, the Air Force Inspection and Safety Center was activated, replacing the 1002 IG Group. The center was divided into the Air Force Inspection Agency and the Air Force Safety Agency in August 1991. Both agencies moved to Kirtland AFB in July 1993 due to the closure of Norton AFB.

Point of Contact

Air Force Inspection Agency
Public Affairs Office; 9700 G Avenue, Suite 340; Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5670
DSN 246-2342 or (505) 846-2342

February, 1996




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