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The Air Force Services Agency (AFSVA), headquartered in San Antonio, is a field operating agency of Headquarters U.S. Air Force Services, Washington, D.C. It was formed during the reorganization of Morale, Welfare and Recreation and Services functions in 1993.


AFSVA supports the bases, major commands and Air Staff by fielding new initiatives, developing procedures and managing central support functions to ensure successful Services programs. The agency's responsibilities include developing procedures to implement policy, preparing responses to high-level inquiries, providing technical assistance to the field, and developing new programs that support major command and installation activities. The agency manages Air Force central nonappropriated funds (NAFs) and operates central systems for field support such as banking, investments, purchasing, data flow, insurance and benefits programs, and the personnel system. AFSVA supports the Air Force Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Advisory Board and interacts with other agencies and armed services in areas affecting Services.


AFSVA has approximately 400 Air Force military and civilian personnel assigned.


The agency is composed of six directorates to manage all Services worldwide:

The Directorate of Financial Management and Comptroller manages quality financial service to the agency, MAJCOMs and NAF instrumentalities worldwide. It provides treasury management service; procedures relating to appropriated fund resources; contractual debt collection; Air Force-wide cash investment and management of NAF monies; decentralized Air Force NAF payroll, portability and intern programs; central accounting for Air Force construction programs; numerous personnel benefit programs such as retirement, insurance and 401K programs; and central fund accounting.

The Directorate of Force Management and Personnel is responsible for the NAF personnel program, employee benefit programs and personnel data system, and develops training programs and operational strategies for Services work force training and career development. It serves as a liaison with the Air Force manpower community, and manages special programs and projects that evaluate and improve the quality of Air Force Services operations. The directorate manages long-range strategic plans and the NAF construction program. It is also responsible for the infrastructure of the Air Force Services Agency to include administration, squadron orderly room and building administration.

The Directorate of NAF Purchasing is responsible for providing purchasing programs in support of all Services activities worldwide through its nonappropriated fund purchasing office. The directorate provides guidance, procedures and NAF purchasing training. An on-going program, known as the Commanders' Smart Buy Program, promotes the effectiveness of purchasing as a management tool. The program assists all commanders, regardless of service component, in acquiring quality products at favorable prices.

The Directorate of Programs assists managers in operating Air Force Services programs including fitness, recreation, sports, libraries and information centers, child development and youth activities, entertainment, snack bars, amusement machine programs, logistics service and marketing.

The Directorate of Management Systems is the single manager of the Air Force-wide Services communications-computer systems (C-CS). The directorate manages and controls the use and integration of Services field and headquarters level C-CS systems.

The Directorate of Operations provides technical guidance and assistance for food, lodging, club and laundry plant managers. It also manages the worldwide Mortuary Affairs Program and provides oversight and guidance for the Air Force Prime Readiness in Base Services for active and Air Reserve component forces and troop support.


The Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Program has been recognized as being essential for creating and maintaining the morale of military personnel. Services programs have long provided essential food, lodging and services for military members.

MWR programs were first introduced during the Revolutionary War. With the establishment of a huge "citizen" army during World War I, the United Services Organization (Inc.) was founded along with programs like library services, troop canteens and sports programs. In 1920, the Army Motion Picture Service was set up and was soon to be followed by the founding of service clubs later during World War II.

Services programs also began during the Revolutionary War, with billeting and food facilities serving as fundamental necessities for military troops. Services' roots sprang from the supply and civil engineering career fields and then branched off as its own entity in 1992.

In 1992, MWR and Services merged Air Force wide, with the new name, the Air Force Morale, Welfare, Recreation and Services Agency. In 1993, the agency was renamed "Services," reflecting the merger's success and focusing directly on what their programs are all about -- service.


Air Force Services Agency
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 June, 1996





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